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Standard Trike Kit

The Voyager Standard trike kit is a time-honored revelation in the industry. It is the newest generation of the original convertible trike. It includes all of the high quality parts you need to install and enjoy the wind in your face. It is the choice kit of the Pittsburgh Police Department.

About Voyager:

Why is the Voyager #1?
#1 sales. strength. satisfaction.
Over 14,000 riders chose the Voyager because...
  • A trike-like ride with equal stability and great steering.
  • Back to two wheels in under 10 minutes.
  • For the same ride, what sounds better, $35,000? $12,000? or $3,895?
  • Basically, for a lot less money, you get a lot more freedom.
  • Plus, you can change the Voyager to a different motorcycle*.

"Liberty is the right to choose. Freedom is the result of that choice."

Jules Renard

The Voyager trike kit is the highest quality, most ridden, and only convertible trike kit on the market independently and professionally tested for strain and stress, which ensures the strongest built frame. The Voyager has been the #1 selling convertible kit for 17 years in a row.

Get Riding Quicker!

You won't have to wait weeks for installation and the Voyager costs less than half of most conventional trike conversions.

Get Riding Cheaper!

If you have general motorcycle mechanical knowledge you should be able to install the Voyager kit yourself or have an authorized dealer install it for you. Plus, save up to $400 on a new Voyager purchase! Check out the details >

Get Riding Longer!

Extend your season with the needed stability in cold weather conditions. Extend each trip with reduced fatigue.




ACCESSORIES: Standard Trike Kit Accessories

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